Product Type Description Price
3 Sausages Pizza Pizza

Pepperoni, salami & Spanish chorizo sausage

American Hot Pizza Pizza

Salami, red peppers, mushroom, red onion, garlic & jalapeno peppers

Americano Pizza Pizza

Salami, red peppers, mushroom, red onion with a dash of garlic

Black Pepper Roast Beef Pizza Pizza

Thin sliced black pepper coated beef with sliced tomato

Chilli Prawn Pizza Pizza

Spicy base, prawns, onion, cherry tomatoes, spinach, red chillies

Create Your Own Pizza Create your very own favourite pizza. Includes mozzarella cheese with a tasty tomato base, add as many extras as you wish £9.50
Crispy Tomato Pizza Pizza

Crisp smokey bacon with sun dried tomatoes

Double Up Pizza Pizza

Double pepperoni & double cheese

Down South Pizza Pizza

Chicken breast, pepperoni, beef with jalapeno peppers on a spicy base

Fiery Chicken Pizza Pizza

Chicken breast with jalapeno peppers on a spicy base

Five Cheese Pizza Pizza

Parmesan, gruyere, feta, cheddar & mozzarella

Four Pepper Pepperoni Pizza Pizza

Pepperoni, diced mixed peppers & jalapeno peppers

Four Seasons Pizza Pizza

Quarters of pepperoni, ham, mushroom & sliced tomato

Foursome Pizza Pizza

Quarters of the Mexican, Americano, fiery chicken & pepperoni & pepper pizza

Funky Chicken Pizza Pizza

Sweetcorn, red peppers, pineapple & chicken

Garlic Bread (Various) Garlic Bread

Select from a variety of delicious garlic breads

- Garlic bread with a layer of mozzarella cheese
- Cheese & Olives
- Cheese & Rosemary Red Onion

Greek Pizza Pizza

Sliced tomato, black olives and feta cheese

Hawaiian Pizza Pizza

Smoked ham with chunky pineapple

Hot Stuff Pizza Pizza

Jalapeno peppers, green peppers, pineapple & red onion

Margherita Pizza Pizza

Tasty cheese & tomato

Meat Feast Pizza Pizza

Pepperoni, salami, beef, ham, red onion & extra cheese

Meat Man Pizza Pizza

Beef, chicken, bacon, ham, pepperoni, salami, peppered roast beef & chorizo

Mediterranean Pizza Pizza

Artichokes, whole black olives, sun dried tomatoes, red onion & mixed peppers

Mexican Pizza Pizza

Beef, mixed peppers, jalapeno peppers, chilli, garlic & red onion

Mountain Pizza Pizza

Pepperoni, salami, mushroom, beef, chicken, mixed peppers, jalapeno peppers, red onion & extra cheese

Neapolitan Pizza Pizza

Whole black olives, capers, anchovies & green peppers

Pesto Chicken Pizza Pizza

Pesto, chicken, onion, spinach, mushroom & peppers

Rancher Pizza Pizza

Chicken & crispy smokey bacon in a BBQ sauce

Rosemary Chicken Pizza Pizza

Chunks of chicken breast with rosemary & red onion

Seafood Pizza Pizza

Prawns, anchovies, mussels & tuna with a dash of garlic

Spicy Double Up Pizza Pizza

Double pepperoni, double cheese with jalapeno peppers on a spicy base

The Morrocan Pizza Pizza

Morrocan spiced chicken, onion, red peppers, cherry tomatoes & pine nuts

The Whole Hog Pizza Pizza

Pepperoni, beef, mushroom, green peppers, olives, anchovies & onion

Vegetarian Deluxe Pizza Pizza

Vegetarian with whole black olives, capers & sun dries tomatoes

Vegetarian Pizza Pizza

Vegetarian Pizza with mushroom, tomato slices, sweetcorn, red onion & diced mixed peppers

Vegetarian Super Deluxe Pizza Pizza

Vegetarian Deluxe with pineapple & jalapeno peppers